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The KidWind Challenge is a hands-on wind turbine design competition that engages students in grades 4-12 in investigative inquiry through the lens of wind energy. For the competition, teams bring the wind turbines they designed and built and test their performance in powerful 4-foot tall wind tunnels. Teams also engage in a variety of challenges to gauge their on-the-spot engineering and problem-solving skills.  Students also present to the judges about their design and construction process and their knowledge of the consequences of how we generate and consume energy. This video tells it all.

The 2016-17 season was one for the books! 23 workshops were organized to help educators teach their students about wind power and prepare them to host KidWind Challenges, which resulted in 24 local challenges in 17 states. The season culminated with the 2017 National KidWind Challenge at AWEA’s WINDPOWER in Anaheim, CA. Relive the fun here.

The 2018 season looks to be just as busy with 32 KidWind Challenges planned and over 4000 students participating in event level challenges. These students are eager to compete and be selected to attend AWEA WINDPOWER 2018 in Chicago in from May 8-10, 2018.

Since 2009, KidWind Challenge events have been successfully implemented in 22 states, often culminating in a national event. Over the past 8 years, roughly 15,000 students have competed in more than 150 events.

KidWind’s impact goes far beyond the students who attend a local or national challenge. More than 70 percent of the educators who attend our educator workshops go on to use KidWind lessons and materials in their classrooms to expose students to wind energy concepts and technologies. During the 2016-17 season alone, the KidWind Challenge, educator workshops, and partners’ initiatives impacted more than over 35,000 students across the country.

Thanks to AWEA and all the members who support the state and national KidWind Challenge with volunteers, in-kind donations and financial support. Your vision makes a difference and helps us educate the world about the POWER of WIND.

The competition will be held Wednesday, May 9 and Thursday, May 10 in the W375c Ballroom in the West Building of the McCormick Place Convention Center.

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Volunteers Needed:  We are looking for volunteers at the National KidWind Challenge.  Join the KidWind team as we welcome 40-50 middle and high school teams from all over the US as then compete to be the National KidWind Champion.

Volunteer shifts can be as short at 2 hours and we love people with all kinds of backgrounds. All volunteers get a FREE KidWind Challenge T-shirt and the happiness of knowing that have made some impact on kids understanding of wind power.

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