Education Stations

To make it easier to schedule your time between hearing from industry leading panelists and building connections in the exhibit hall, sessions and stand-alone presentations will once again be organized into the following 5 education stations on the show floor, available to both attendees and exhibitors:

Power Station:  

Gain a better understanding of how leading wind energy experts are pushing global wind development into the future as they explain new commercial opportunities, market expansion, and what lessons may be learned and applied.

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Project Development Station:

Discover an exchange of ideas and insights, and cover every key topic on developing a wind project from siting, wildlife to transmission, integration, and forecasting.

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Operations Station:

Analyze the right management strategies to address the operational lifecycle issues that challenge owners and operators, now and down the line.

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Tech Station: 

Hear from the very best minds in business, academia, and government to advance innovations in wind technologies that could fundamentally change the industry.

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Thought Leader Theater:

Listen to forward-looking, and thought-provoking presentations on leadership, industry vision, innovative technology, policy and market drivers that advance wind energy.

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