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AWEA membership provides many opportunities to get involved, learn, and network throughout the year. By supporting the wind energy industry each and every day, AWEA helps member companies succeed.

WINDPOWER is focal point for members companies to meet to strategize on the business of wind for the current and future years. Through a number of special events, committee and working group meetings, members companies have a great opportunity to meet with a large group of fellow members get the latest information about wind energy industry developments, sector-specific initiatives, and policy updates.

AWEA membership is a commitment to the success of the wind industry and also powers the success of the WINDPOWER event. Over three days, members have time to show support, win support, and effect change that is only possible as a leader in the industry.

Membership Has Its Benefits

When you become an AWEA member, you join thousands of companies in all segments of the industry: wind project developers, wind turbine manufacturers, component suppliers, service providers, electric utilities, construction companies, engineering firms, consultants, financial advisors, and others.

AWEA membership offers a wealth of benefits, including these business solutions:

  • Events
  • Networking
  • Visibility
  • Strategic Policy Making
  • Communications
  • Market Intelligence

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