AWEA has an Event Sustainability Policy that helps us create event experiences that embody and inspire our core value “We (Heart) Wind Energy.”  Every year, AWEA hosts thousands of participants at events throughout the United States.  This policy outlines how the AWEA event planning processes and practices will aim to promote action on issues that are important to AWEA members and staff.  These issues include, but are not limited to:

  • WIND ENERGY -  AWEA WINDPOWER® 2017 Conference & Exhibition, as well as all other 2017 AWEA events, is 100% wind powered through wind Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) provided by our green sponsor EDPR.
  • SOLID WASTE - AWEA is partnering with the Anaheim Convention Center to achieve a goal of diverting at least 10% more than their baseline event average.
  • CLIMATE CHANGE - AWEA is measuring the WINDPOWER carbon footprint this year and will devise and implement a plan to offset it for future years.
  • WATER CONSERVATION – AWEA is partnering with the Anaheim Convention Center to measure the amount of water used during this year’s show.  This information will be used to help improve upon event water conservation efforts as part of our sustainability plan for future events. 

 Below are just a few examples of the reasons why WINDPOWER 2017 is more environmentally-friendly than ever.


Did You Know…

  • AWEA works with GES, our show decorator, to use a green graphics board made from paper not foam for all onsite signs. These signs are 100% recyclable.
  • AWEA works with a vendor to repurpose vinyl banners and/or works with the sponsor to make the banners reusable.
  • For the second year 100% of AWEA staff travel is offset by wind RECs.
  • This conference is plastic water bottle free.  Instead water coolers are used in meeting space as well as on the exhibit floor.  The cups used at the coolers are compostable.  
  • AWEA has been sharing speaker presentations digitally for years.  All session surveys are now paperless as well.
  • AWEA has eliminated a conference bag and instead is offering space on our Virtual Registration Bag in our conference mobile app.
  • AWEA is partnering with the convention center to augment their in-house recycling program in an effort to maximize waste diversion.
  • AWEA has partnered with the convention center to provide compostable disposable serve ware for all concessions in the exhibit hall.
  • The lanyard around your neck is made of recycled PET materials (typically recycled plastic water bottles).
  • The pen you are using in the conference sessions is made renewable plant-based biodegradable plastic.
  • Unused bags, exhibitor giveaways, and other supplies will be collected at the end of the event and donated to local Anaheim charities as appropriate.
  • Leftover food from meal functions is either composted or donated to local charities.
  • AWEA works with our shuttle provider, TMS, to have a sustainability policy in place to reduce shuttling where acceptable as well as to curb fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions. The shuttles that we do provide are carbon neutral by the purchase of offsets.
  • AWEA is working with Greenview this year to audit the sustainability efforts at WINDPOWER in an effort to do more in future years.

The AWEA Booth has a Sustainable Design:

  • The booth is designed to be reused by making a hanging sign that can be hung or ground supported and has various smaller offices / elements that can be reused in flexible configurations based on our changing venues.
  • Walls are made from a hard material that is a rental. GES re-uses them in different configurations for other shows.
  • Instead of printing large vinyl graphics we are making 2 of the 15’ walls out of a fabric material affixed to a structure that can be reconfigured for multiple uses.
  • We are making 3D letters that can be reused for a future show.
  • The booth carpet is made from recycled carpet.
  • Any non-fabric signage will be printed on recyclable Falconboard.